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Pysanka Earrings -- Eggshell jewelry - Ukrainian Pysanka method. The earrings are one of a kind, and are now Ready to ship.

Earwires are made of niobium, which is a non-allergenic material.

The earrings are packaged in a mesh bag and gift box, all ready for gift giving.


PLEASE NOTE: My Pledge for Ukraine:

All proceeds from this purchase will be donated to Ukrainian aid.

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Thank you for your support.

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About the Pysanky Technique -Ukrainian Hand-Decorated Eggs,are made using the ancient method of wax resist. Lines of wax are applied to the emptied eggshell, using a small tool called a "kistka". The egg is then put into a dye bath, with the wax protecting the covered shell from subsequent color changes. This process is alternately repeated (wax/dye/wax/dye). After the full design is applied, the wax is removed (by melting it over a candle flame and wiping off) to reveal the bright colors underneath. The shapes are then cut out and smoothed/sanded. Goldtone and Swarowski crystal embellishments are added before the piece is coated with epoxy resin. This will strengthen the piece