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*Attn: . This item is no longer available.

It will not be restocked

Please see items S11 or S12 as superior alternatives

S11 ("Basia's Egg Blower")

S12 ("Basia's Egg Blower" kit)




the Blas-Fix egg blower is no longer available n the US, and all my imported backstock has been depleted.


As a frequent and loyal user of the Blas Fix, I have researched for an alternative and believe my S10 and S11 items are a superior replacements for the Original Blas-Fix. I call it “Basia’s Egg Blower” and “Basia’s Egg Blowing Kit”.

Sadly, The version currently being produced in China has some design flaws that require a small modification for it to even work. Otherwise the needle does not stay on during operation.


Money-back Guarantee:

If you are not happy with your Basia’s Egg Blower or Kit, please contact me for arranging a return snd refund (excl shipping). I want you to be happy with your tools.


==============Blas Fix egg blower - a vintage iconic tool for blowing eggs that is no longer being manufactured in the United States or in Germany. Very limited supplies are very hard to find. One of the best solutions to easily blowing just one or several eggs utilizing just one hole




.To Blow out an egg: Make a small hole in one end of your egg (You can use the enclosed hand drill, a sharp nail or dremmel with a diamond attachment). Straighten and use paper clip to break and stir the yolk. Then squeeze air into the egg with the very fine curved syringe tipped bottle to remove the contents, and then squeeze water into the egg to rinse out any residue. Let egg dry , overnight if possible.

What you get:

S11 - Egg Blower : squeeze bellows with blunt syringe tip, and detailed instructions.

S12 - Kit includes the ab ove, plus an egg piercer and Bead reamer set.


You supply:

Eggs, air, and water.


Make blowing eggs fun, simple and clean with the Blas-Fix kit!

S10 - One-hole Egg Blowing System, like a Blas-Fix

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